TEAM UP         

Teaching English language learners -- Action Model to Unite Professionals

Welcome to the TEAM UP professional development website for OJHS. We hope you will find some helpful information here. Please  contact us if you don't find what you need or have other questions.

Remember to check out our professional library. We have LOTS of books for teachers of any subject area. Each of the books can be checked out by any staff member. Contact us to check one out.

In Getting Started with English Language Learners: How Educators Can Meet the Challenge, Judie Haynes provides a practical resource to help educators who are new to the field of English as a Second Language understand the needs of English language learners. from

Contact a TEAM UP member:

Heather Bae (ESL teacher)

  Kent Buryska  (social studies teacher)

 Dawn Leigh (math teacher, team leader)

Nicole Rhodes  (science teacher)

 Theresa Seykora (language arts teacher)