Owatonna Junior High School
Building Goals SY 2016

SMART Goals:

  1. Increase Math MCA proficiency for SY 2016 from 56.6% to 56.6%
  2. Increase Reading MCA proficiency for SY 2016 from 50.7% to 60.7%
  3. Increase Science MCA proficiency for SY 2016 from 26.8% to 36.8%
  4. 80% of all of our students will master the most important Enduring Understandings (standards) chosen by PLC (department) teams.
  5. Increase one level in each of three categories as measured by a school culture audit.

Action Steps:

  • Development of the most important Enduring Understandings by PLCs
  • Create building wide lists of the most important EUs and use these as a basis for our after school interventions.
  • Encourage strong test performance through motivational techniques, power words, and celebration for students.
  • Explore highly effective reading/writing strategies, including WICOR strategies.
  • Begin initial implementation of PBIS.
  • Provide training for staff in ESTEM and Gradual Release of Responsibility.
  • Take actions that change the physical look of the school, including paint, artwork, and posted student work.
  • Create a mission and staff collaborative commitments.
  • Develop and implement methods for fostering staff relationships and celebration.