L.E.A.P. 8 is an academic focused English language class for 8th graders with a WIDA level of 3-4.9.  Students will increase their academic English through the content areas of mathematics, science and social studies.  Students will read, write, listen and speak using academic vocabulary necessary to be successful in 8th grade and future classes in high school.  

Students are strongly encouraged to spend at least 1 hour each evening working on their language learning either through the use of web based learning sites, class work review, homework or independent reading.

Students will be responsible for logging onto the student portal to check their grades and attendance.  
Students will keep a daily writing log in order to increase their writing stamina and fluency.
Students will work in small groups to support each other and work collaboratively to increase their academic language.

Supplies for class:
1 subject notebook
their planner (agenda book)
the book they are currently reading