Mrs. Bae and her husband in Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2015.
Learning English for Academic Purposes (L.E.A.P.) staff at OMS

Heather Bae: LEAP teacher (6-8)
Katie Fernandez:  LEAP teacher (6-8) and Spanish teacher (7-8)
Nicole Wagner: BegLEAP ELA teacher (6-8) and 7th grade ELA
Shannon Prostrollo: LEAP teacher (6th grade)

Liaisons and Interpreters:
Maribel Palomo: Cultural liaison and Spanish interpreter
           phone- 507-444-8766
Ayan Abdi: Cultural liaison and Somali interpre
            phone- 507-444-8766
Khadra Muhidin: Cultural liaison and Somali interpreter

         phone- 507-444-8766