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Greetings from the OMS Administration

Greetings OMS Student and Parents:


Welcome to Owatonna Middle School! We are excited for the doors to OMS to open this fall, and we are glad you will be a part of the first year in the new and improved building. Because there are so many changes heading our way, we are trying a different approach to the start of the school year. Please note the changes below as they are not only different from previous years but are also different from some of the dates communicated through the district calendar.


School Hours: 8:10-2:40


Wednesday, August 30: Student Information Day—The athletic end of OMS will be open from 7:30-4:30 on this day for students and families to take care of the following items:

  • Take school pictures (Retake day is October 4)

  • Pick up student schedule (Available first day of school if students miss this day)

  • Take care of immunization paperwork

  • Purchase PE shorts, shirt, etc.

  • Deposit money into student lunch account

  • Pay class fees (Sewing, Foods)

  • Pick up bus passes

  • Complete other school paperwork, learn about clubs/activities and OMS services

  • Learn more about Kids First Sports

*Please note that teachers and administrators will not be available on this day.


Tuesday, September 5: This was originally scheduled as an Orientation Day for OMS; however, we are changing this to a 6th Grade Only day. All 6th grade students will come on this day, giving us a chance to help students get comfortable at the new school. Students will meet their teachers, run through their schedules, tour the building, learn routines of the new school, practice opening their lockers, eat lunch, and have fun with all 6-8 staff! We are excited to have this day with all 6th grade students and hope this helps students and parents feel more comfortable with the transition to OMS. Busses will run for 6th grade and students in 9th-12th grades on this day. Sixth grade students will NOT report to school on Wednesday, September 6 but will have a full day with all 6-8 students on Thursday, September 7.


Wednesday, September 6: Seventh grade students will report to school from 8:10-11:30. Busses will run in the morning; however, parents will be responsible for picking up students at 11:30. Students will have a chance to meet their teachers, tour the school, run through their classes, practice opening lockers, learn routines of the school, eat lunch, and have fun with all 6-8 staff! Eighth grade students will report to school at 12:00. Parents will be responsible for getting 8th grade students to school at 12:00; however, busses will run at the end of the day for those who ride bus. Our 8th grade students will eat lunch, tour the school, run through their schedule and get re-acquainted with school routines.


Thursday, September 7: All 6-8 students report for their first full day of school together!


Monday, September 18: Open House—3:30-7:00—meet teachers and see the new school!


We look forward to working with all of our OMS students next year!


Julie Sullivan                     Erin Halverson                      Matt Zurbriggen

Principal                            Assistant Principal                Assistant Principal